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Bringing Your Garden Back to Life

Picture a family barbecue in a spotless, lush outdoor setting, free from overgrown grass and clutter. Our comprehensive garden cleaning services ensure a vibrant, healthy garden where you make memories. We focus on the details, from leaf removal to flower bed care, making your garden the perfect backdrop for special moments.

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How We Help with Garden Cleaning? 

At Max Cleaning NM, we specialize in rejuvenating gardens. Our meticulous approach clears unwanted debris and weeds, paving the way for flourishing plants and tidy walkways. Our clients delight in rediscovering their outdoor sanctuaries, where they can relax or entertain guests in a maintained environment. Choose us to bring new life to your garden.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our garden cleaning clients have to say!
Jessica Robinson

I couldn’t believe the transformation in my garden after Max Cleaning NM worked its magic. They cleared all the clutter, and my garden now feels like a serene retreat. I spend more time outside, thanks to them!

Sasha Joseph

Max Cleaning NM turned my wild, overgrown backyard into a beautiful garden space. Their attention to detail is incredible. My garden is the perfect spot for weekend barbecues and relaxing evenings.

James Dolton

Max Cleaning NM’s garden service is top-notch. They cleaned my garden, leaving it looking pristine and beautiful. Thanks to their team, I’m so proud to show off my garden now!