Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Turning Chaos to A Sight of Comfort & Elegance

Max Cleaning NM specializes in post-construction cleaning, erasing marks, and traces of construction work. We focus on the details, from clearing dust to polishing surfaces, ensuring your new environment is clean and livable. So, make the call and expect your new place to be free from construction residue and ready to cater to your daily life.

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How Do We Help With Post Construction Cleaning Services?

Our skilled team clears this post-construction mess, turning your chaotic construction site into a spotless, ready-to-use living or workspace. Our post-construction cleaning services prepare spaces for public or personal use. Thus, we ensure you can commence your life in a spotless, clean, health-conscious environment.

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what our deep post-construction cleaning clients have to say!

– Jasmin Miller

After our home renovation, the mess was overwhelming. Max Cleaning NM stepped in and made our space relivable. Every inch sparkled, and they paid attention to every detail. I couldn’t believe how quick and efficient they were until watching them finish. I recommend them!

– Tylor Robertson

The post-construction cleaning by Max Cleaning NM was top-notch. They took care of all the construction dust and debris, leaving our new living room dust-free. Their service was worth every penny.

– Misty Johnson

I recently hired Max Cleaning NM for post-construction cleaning at my office. They did a fantastic job! The team was thorough professional, and left the place spotless. They prepared it for immediate use, saving me so much time.